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Fraud Investigations

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Fraud Investigations

Fraud is often well concealed and could be occurring for long periods before being disclosed. Fraud can be found in many forms. A few indicators may be:

  • Significant changes in behaviour.
  • Fraudsters have large personal debts or financial losses, and a desire for personal gain
  • Audit findings deemed to be errors or irregularities
  • Transactions taking place that were at an odd time, odd frequency, unusual amount or to odd recipients
  • Internal controls that are not enforced, or often compromised by higher authorities
  • Discrepancies in accounting records and unexplained items on reconciliations
  • Inconsistent, vague or implausible responses arising from inquiries
  • Unusual discrepancies between the client’s records and confirmation replies
  • Missing inventory or physical assets
  • Excessive voids or credits
  • Alterations on documents
  • Duplication Payments
  • Collusion among employees, where there is little or no supervision
  • Employees may have too much control over the process

A large portion of crime is committed by personnel working in accounting departments or by senior executives. Fraud can have devastating consequences if not attended too and the authorities do not have the capacity to deal with all the corporate fraud.

Digital evidence is very volatile and needs to be handled correctly. We assist in helping identify the source and collect evidence in preparation for any legal proceedings

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