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Industrial Espionage

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Industrial Espionage

Industrial espionage is on the increase and internet access has made this easier. This can be performed by employees, management, partners or paid cyber hackers.

Competitors or foreign states may be interested in gathering information on Intellectual Property, industrial manufacturing capacity, plans or techniques or formulas, marketing and distribution plans. It may take many forms like theft, bribery or blackmail or covert surveillance. Access to computers and the internet have made this much easier. The use of trojan horses, malware, key loggers and spyware is common. Computer forensic investigators have the unique ability to uncover these activities whilst maintaining the evidence. This can be done covertly and on live networks or computers. We can access these computers or networks remotely.

Furthermore, we assist with:

  • Theft of IP, Trade Secrets, products, clients or company plans.
  • Attempts to destroy data
  • Preventing legitimate access to data

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