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Video & Photo Forensics

Triage Forensics

Video & Photo Forensics

  • We authenticate,  enhance and forensically analyse CCTV or other video material.
  • Import any type of image, video or sequence of images.
  • Enhance entire video or selected frames.
  • Deblurring, sharpening and deinterlacing of video.
  • Obscuring by pixelation and/or blurring of unwanted images, objects or areas e.g. faces,  number plates, identifying personal features.
  • Tracking and Stabilising Images or Frames focused on desired subjects.
  • Photogrammetry, object height and position measurements
  • Lighting, shadow, highlight adjustments
  • Perspective and Transform adjustments to fix skew, lens distortion, obscure angle distortion.
  • Read, convert and write from and to almost any video codec and media format
  • Prepare a forensic report that can be used in a court of law and provide Expert Witness services.
  • Validation and analysis of third party reports.
  • Photo Forensics 
  • Camera ballistics to determine the make and model of camera.
  • Photograph analysis.
  • Photograph Authentication.
  • Digital Photo Enhancement.

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