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Workplace Investigations

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Workplace Investigations

The level of workplace misconduct is proliferating and this is set to grow due to unprecedented access to computers, the internet and mobile phones. This misconduct can be from employees, management, business partners, suppliers or even your customers. This misconduct can take many forms and can have a devastating effect on your business and reputation. Being decisive and working swiftly to identify the source of the misconduct whilst not tainting the evidence is crucial in achieving a positive outcome.

Workplace misconduct can take many forms, such as –

  • Misuse of computers or internet access
  • Sending harassing email communications
  • Cyber bullying or social media stalking
  • Anonymous communications
  • Malicious actions by an employee who is leaving the company or who intends to do harm
  • Theft of company data, including company secrets, IP or confidential information
  • Acts of sabotage by your competitors

Should you have concerns about an employee, business partner or competitor and suspect misconduct we can assist. We offer very discreet services and are able to react at very short notice to our client’s requests.

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