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Intellectual Property Theft

Triage Forensics

Intellectual Property Theft

Triage Forensics can help you investigate and prevent intellectual property (IP) theft

At Triage Forensics, we aim to uncover every detail of your experience with IP theft, including what was stolen, when the theft occurred, who was responsible and why this information was stolen.


  • Have peace of mind that the matter will be solved by our digital forensic team as they pursue a thorough analysis of all digital data, including company computers, mobiles and servers.
  • Gain the evidence you need to take legal action by demonstrating infringements on copyright or trademark agreements, a patent, and confidential information disclosure forms.
  • Receive a detailed report of the IP theft, including a timeline of the infringement, which can be used in legal proceedings or to inform a tightening of data security measures in your business.


Frequently asked questions about intellectual property theft


What is classified as intellectual property?

Intellectual property includes any original ideas, development plans or knowledge owned by you or your business. In many cases, the unique differentiators between your business and your competitors – also known as trade secrets – can be classified as intellectual property.


With the introduction of digital systems and technology, protecting intellectual property has become increasingly difficult, especially considering that in most cases, the crime can occur quickly and discreetly.


How does IP theft usually occur?

Theft, also known as an infringement of copyright, a trademark or a patent, commonly occurs through industrial espionage, which can be undertaken by anyone from your employees to competitors or paid hackers. It can be committed in a number of ways, including:

  • Reproduction of copyrighted material
  • Malware or spyware that records confidential information
  • Verbal communications with a direct competitor


In some cases, IP theft can even be accidental. For example, employees might misplace an important hard drive, send emails to the incorrect person, forget to shred physical documents or accidentally disclosing confidential information.


Why should you engage experts to investigate intellectual property theft?

If you suspect your business has fallen victim to IP theft, it is crucial to organise a forensic investigation into your digital operations before evidence can be tampered with. Forensic experts will be able to identify the source of the information leak and make forensic copies of the evidence, which can then be used to corroborate subsequent legal proceedings.

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