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Mobile Forensics

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Mobile Forensics

The advent of the Smartphone and Tablets has resulted in a whole new industry for the forensics community. Companies who now have to deal with BYO (bring your own device) most likely do not have the means to retrieve or collect vital information from these devices. We are able to assist our customers in retrieving deleted data, call and message records and even corrupted data. We reconstruct timelines, show geographic locations and build social graphs of social media contacts on certain handsets.

Some of the Services we offer are:

  • Recover call logs, SMS logs, MMS logs, contacts, emails and videos.
  • Forensic data recovery of mobile device data.
  • Recovery of deleted information from mobile phones including the SIM card, memory and removable storage media.
  • Recover Application data from mobile phones including social media data, geo-location data and social media contacts.
  • Ability to analyze in excess of 5000 different types of handsets including iPhone’s, Androids, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Tablets and GPS devices.
  • Ability to bypass password protection on certain handsets.
  • Identification of Mobile Spyware and detailed reports generated on spyware activity.
  • Expert Witness Service including validating third party reports and analysis.
  • Expert in-depth analysis of complex cases with a prove track record.
  • Forensic Reports include a historical timeline of events, location and/or geolocation data and recovered deleted data.
  • We have the ability to create a Social Graph and Timelines of all contact interactions.
  • We have a wide variety of industry-standard tools and we are continually educating ourselves to keep pace with rapid development in this sector.

Triage Forensics uses the latest mobile forensic tools and we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of technology. Contact us for a free and discreet consultation or if you have a specific request. We are able to react to your our client’s requirements at very short notice.

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