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Social Media & Internet Investigations

Triage Forensics

Social Media & Internet Investigations

We conduct investigations into all manner of Social Media platforms. We use a multitude of tools and experience and are able to search over 800 selectors on 90 social media sites and other platforms.

  • Our tools allow for link analysis and the reporting is user friendly and court ready.
  • Our expertise consist of social media evidence collection, preservation, analysis and expert reporting and presentation.
  • Our Expert Witnesses have presented evidence in the New South Wales Supreme Court in relation to Facebook.

We have conducted hundreds of cases involving Cyber Bullying, Defamation, IP Theft, Cyber Stalking. We work with legal councils, insurance companies, In-House legal, management and other investigation firms.

We also conduct Internet Investigations using the latest OSINT (Open Source Investigation) methods allowing us to offer unique insights. We go beyond and investigate in places seldom accessed.

GPEvidence is gathered from computers, mobile phones, vehicles, servers as well as the internet. Evidence is collected in a forensic manner and can stored over long periods.

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